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To enhance erectile fuction

While most men aren’t openly talking about their erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments, thanks to popular culture, we all know about this little blue pill. It’s far from the end all be all and there are a number of lifestyle modifications and natural remedies that can have the same effect. In fact, while Viagra has proven to be a bestseller — with good reason, it's very effective for many people — it has a number of side effects including headaches and anecdotal reports of possible links to heart attacks.

The major problem with Viagra, however, is that it’s often a band-aid and doesn’t get at the root cause of a man’s ED. Given that it works so quickly and effectively (sometimes in as little as 30 minutes!),  it encourages users to forget about visiting a doctor for treatment of their erectile dysfunction. Contrary to popular belief, Viagra should not be the first line of treatment, but rather one of the last resorts and most importantly used only after consulting with a doctor.

Why? “There is a strong correlation between mental and physical health and sexual function,” says Dr. Arash Akhavein, a urologist at the Cedars Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles. “As such, men can sometimes treat ED with a series of diet and lifestyle changes.” Here’s a look at some of those helpful changes, which are not only effective for treating and preventing ED, but for better health in general.

How Viagra Works

"Viagra" is just the product name given to the drug Sildenafil, a drug that was originally being tested to treat hypertension in middle-aged men. Its active ingredient promotes the release of a messenger compound, cyclic guanosine monophosphate, that causes your body's smooth muscle cells – including those in your penis – to relax, allowing the nearby arteries to expand. When the arteries in your penis expand, you get an erection.

Viagra is so effective because so many of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction boil down to circulatory problems: heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Therefore, it stands to reason that anything that helps promote blood circulation or reduce cholesterol or blood pressure will help you achieve stronger erections.

What if I’ve tried Viagra and it does not work?

Viagra and its alternatives might not work the first time you take them. For some people, it can take up to 8 times before the medication starts to work.

It’s a good idea to try different types of PDE-5 inhibitors if the first one you try does not work. A doctor can help you to find the option that best suits your needs.

Even if you find a medication that works, it’s important to remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help the medication keep working.


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These pills considered good effective alternatives to Viagra. Sildenafil was a gigantic sensation nearly 2 decades ago but it is not a miracle anymore and many other drugs became even more relevant. New up and coming drugs will inevitably push away the brand of Viagra. With the arrival of generics, you have such a wide choice of medications against ED that overpaying for a loud brand name is not smart. Choose your drugs wisely and save instead of wasting.